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Hands-On Session (Included)

Hands-on skills testing is a requirement for completion of this course. This will be completed with an AHA instructor. Upon sucessful completion of the online portion please email or call 203-514-5181 to schedule your skills session.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed for healthcare providers who need ACLS for their clinical duties. This group of professionals includes physicians, nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, pharmacists and others as required by their employer.

What Does This Course Teach?

HeartCode® ACLS is a self-directed, comprehensive eLearning program that uses eSimulation technology to allow students to assess and treat patients in virtual healthcare settings. There are a variety of additional videos as well as the ACLS Provider Manual and the 2015 Handbook of Emergency Cardiovascular Care to enhance learning and facilitate successful completion of the patient cases.

This class is for students who have completed the ACLS Heartcode Online Course.

This Skills check is for those that have completed the Online portion of AHA BLS Heartcode and only need the classroom portion of the class. Skills checks are done by appointment, so once you register we will contact you to set up a date and time to come in.  

If you need both the online and the skills check please use the link for BLS-Online.

The Online BLS Course teaches CPR skills for helping victims of all ages (including doing ventilation with a barrier device, a bag-mask device, and oxygen); use of an automated external defibrillator (AED); and relief of foreign-body airway obstruction (FBAO). It’s intended for participants who provide health care to patients in a wide variety of settings, including in-hospital and out-of-hospital. Healthcare providers, such as physicians, nurses, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, respiratory therapists, physical and occupational therapists, physician’s assistants, residents or fellow, or medical or nursing students in training, healthcare aides, medical or nursing assistants, police officers, firefighters and other allied health personnel.

There is a required skills check that needs to be scheduled once the online portion is complete. You will be issued an online key sent to your email once your completed registration is complete.  

The AHA Online BLS Instructor course uses a variety of eLearning assets such as dramatizations, eSimulations, animations, self-directed learning, and interactive activities to teach students BLS knowledge and skills.

After completing the online portion, students will call to schedule a structured BLS Hands-On Session with an AHA Instructor. This session focuses on meaningful skills practice, debriefing, team scenarios, discussions of local protocols, and skills testing.

First introduced in the early 90's, the Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator™ (CEVO) courses for ambulance, fire and police personnel quickly became accepted as standards in driver training for these fields. Since then, over 500,000 emergency professionals have been trained with the CEVO™ programs.

Course Sessions Overview:

  1. Self-Appraisal (Pre-Training Assessment)
  2. Vehicle Inspection & Characteristics Review
  3. Critical Elements (SCC – Scanning, Cushion of Safety, Communicating)
  4. Situational Driving in both Emergency and Non-Emergency Driving (Applying the principles of SCC in congested driving environments)
  5. Situational Driving Continued in both Emergency and Non-Emergency Driving (Applying the principles of SCC in open roadway environments)
  6. Special Considerations (Backing, Adverse Weather, Driving at Night, Rotaries, The ‘Move Over Law’, Toll Areas)
  7. You Be The Coach (Emergency Driving Scenarios Analyses)

This course is State of CT approved for 8 hours of CME credit 

The EMT class provides the initial training to apply for certification with the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health. The EMT is responsible for initial assessment, stabilization, and transportation of an injured or medically ill person. EMT’s perform duties, such as, CPR, patient stabilization, airway clearance, hemorrhage control, initial wound care, fracture stabilization, and emergency childbirth. They must exercise good judgment and leadership under stress and must deal with people of all ages experiencing injuries and death. NREMT practical testing included.

This class also provides clinical ride time on an ambulance 2 shifts a month. This gets you out of the classroom and into an ambulance to learn hands on with a preceptor.


This is a 20 hour State of Connecticut approved NCCP recertification course. This also satisfies the 20hr NREMT requirement. This DOES include an AHA CPR recertification.

You MUST also accru an additional 20 hours of CME's to complete your recertification.  

You MUST also submit a State of Connecticut OEMS recertification application via their website. You will receive an email link prior to your expiration.  

For more information regarding CT certification contact:                                                         

OEMS Provider Licensing & Certification


Voice:  860.509.7975

This course requires a skills check once the online coursework is completed. Please call 203-514-5181 to schedule your skills.

This is for students who have completed the PALS heartcode online course. Certificate must be presented at the start of class.